Today was one of the coldest days in recent memory, the kind of cold that bites at every exposed part of skin as soon as you step outside. While I do actually like the cold and snow and therefore have adapted relatively well to the frigid temperatures of central New York, days like today where the windchill is -8 degrees means that it’s miserably cold for everyone.

As the cold spell exists throughout so much of the country, it only seemed fitting to go over some basic products that make dry skin and low temperatures pleasant. My roommates excitedly contributed some of their favorites as well, so together it looks like we’ll make it through the next few months. If these don’t work, one of them suggested, “Cupcakes, because they make you feel better about the fact that it’s cold.” I think we’d all agree with that.

Rosebud Salve

1. Rosebud Salve: This product is amazing and is extremely multi-purpose. Not only does it work as a sticky and long-lasting lip balm, it also serves as a wonderful moisturizer and is perfect for small places that need extra moisture, like your cuticles.

2. Nivea body lotion: “Smooth Sensation” is my personal favorite, but I have never been disappointed with a Nivea purchase. The lotion lasts throughout the day and doesn’t feel sticky even if you put it on right before bed– definitely a keeper.

Nivea Smooth

Clinique Lotion

3. Clinique Dramatic Moisturizing Lotion: Everyone has their favorite moisturizer and this one is mine. I consistently trust Clinique’s products and am very picky when it comes to moisturizers– my skin gets irritated very easily. This one is light and you can’t even feel it, but it’s “heavy” enough to take care of any dryness or peeling almost instantly.

Vaseline Cocoa Butter4. Vaseline Cocoa Butter Lip Therapy: One of my roommates made fun of me for buying this (admittedly, the main reason I did was because I thought the container was cute) but it as proven to be my favorite lip balm of the season. I love lip balm and chapsticks and this one is definitely one of the best. It may actually just be Vaseline in a small bottle (it’s tiny, like a mini-sized tub of it) but it works wonders on dry lips and skin.

Aquaphor5. Aquaphor: A suggestion by one of my roommates who has terrible issues with dry skin. I know that if she trusts a lotion-esque product enough to use it consistently, it must work wonders.

Shea Body Butter6. The Body Shop’s Shea Body Butter: Another one of my roommates loves this (as well as all other Body Shop products) and swears by it in the cold (and warm) months.

JJ Bubble Bath7. Johnson’s Bedtime Bath: My third roommate’s pick is the perfect way to unwind– if you have a bathtub, do yourself a favor at the end of a long day and sooth your skin with a gentle bubble bath. While soaking in hot water is a fast way to dry out your skin, the above products will be sufficient moisturizers after your bath.
Honey Vanilla Chamomile8. Honey Vanilla Chamomile Tea: Not exactly a skin product, but you really can’t go wrong with a relaxing tea during a cold day.


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