Delectable Bites

Aside from pizza and cake, sushi is one of my favorite foods. Since I prefer veggie sushi to most kind of fishy-sushi, I’m particularly drawn to restaurants that serve innovative takes on vegetarian rolls. Unfortunately, there appears to be a significant lack of these kinds of places. That’s where Daikanyama comes in. There food is incredible. Not just the rolls, but everything that I’ve tried (but I tend to just order the same three rolls when I’m there). It’s actually not even located in my home state, but rather nearly over 1,500 miles away just outside Boston. Luckily one of my best friends lives there and I frequently stay over at her house. And we go to Daikanyama at least once every time, thanks to her parents’ willingness to let us satisfy our craving. Let’s just say that if I had such a delightful sushi restaurant at the end of my street, I wouldn’t eat anywhere else.

Each of the last few times I went there, I forgot to take pictures of my food when it arrived. I literally eat 80% of it and then remember that I wanted to take a picture. My standard order is one Godzilla Maki {asparagus, mushroom tempura, avocado, spicy mayo}, Idaho Maki {sweet potato tempura}, and an Avocado Maki {an avocado roll}. Close second is the Sunny Maki {Pumpkin tempura, avocado, spicy mayo, chef’s special sauce, and raspberries…one raspberry on top of each piece} and the Daisy Maki {Sweet potato tempura, cucumber, topped with mango}. Whether or not you prefer your sushi made with fish, these delicious variations are absolutely worth a try and I wish more restaurants would consider adding similar things to the menu.

The few pictures I managed to take last time (sorry about the poor quality)…


Godzilla Maki


Idaho Maki


Avocado Maki {top left}; Idaho Maki {top right}; Godzilla Maki {bottom right}


When you go for lunch, they give you a little bowl of oranges pieces for the perfect end to your meal!


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