Un bon sucré

After a family trip to Paris a few years ago, I became interested in French language, culture, and of course, food. My sint taking French lasted only a few semesters of college, but I still find myself throwing around some phrases and using the French keyboard on my iPhone. Something that will without a doubt remain with me long after I stop recalling my minimal French is a love for macarons. They’re so delicate and yummy and there’s something about them that makes you feel sophisticated when you eat them (it’s probably just that they’re French…and expensive. I don’t know). In any case, macarons seem to have taken off in the past year or so and many different variations have been created. You can even buy a macaron shaped jewelry box… which I’m not ashamed to admit that I want.

While French bakeries a) don’t exist in Central New York and b) aren’t a place I would find myself casually strolling into on a daily basis, I can’t help but dream about getting to eat these little sweets every day. There are so many variations and flavors, plus I’ve stumbled upon several recipes to make your own at home. Perhaps I’ll give it a go at some point…

Gold Fleck Macaroons

Heart Macarons

Macaroons & Flowers

Striped Macarons

Green Macarons

Purple Macarons

Panda, Paris, Travel Macaron

(pandas, Paris, and travel?!)

Pastels with Gold

Boxed Macarons(light pink)/(hearts)/(flowers)/(striped)/(green)/(purple)/(assortment)/(plate)/(box)


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