Manis & Pedi’s

I have a weird relationship with nail polish. Despite how much I love colorful bottles of Essie, OPI, Butter, and the like, I cannot bring myself to paint my fingernails a color that isn’t neutral. I’ve sort of been attributing this to my childhood years of traditional Indian dance, where I was forced to paint both my fingernails and toenails an extremely bright red, which took days to entirely come off. Bright colored polish on my nails also distracts me a great deal, meaning I save those fun and vibrant colors for my feet. When my fingernails aren’t painted clear, they’re a subtle, neutral shade of some kind.

Here are some of my favorite neutrals:


Essie Mademoiselle (my absolute favorite…the more layers you add, the pinker it gets)


Essie Ballet Slippers


Essie Sand Tropez


Butter Tea With The Queen

Then there are some really cool and intricate patterned designs that I’m intrigued by and love on other people, just not on my own nails. Some of my favorites:

dark blue and gold flecksScreen shot 2012-12-30 at 11.10.18 PM

essie with sparkleslight pink with gold

As cool as these are, I just cannot bring myself to try them out. I’ll talk about my favorite bright (and not so bright) non-neutral polishes that I like to use on my toes…the same ones that most people actually put on their fingers.

Neutrals: (1)/ (2)/ (3)/ (4) ~ Patterns: (1)/ (2)/ (3)/ (4)


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