Mexican Food

As a native Texan, Mexican food is something that I absolutely cannot live without. However, going to school in upstate New York unfortunately means that authentic, greasy, delicious Tex Mex is something that I do only get to eat the few times I’m back home. My temporary fix for this sad reality has been to cook variations of Mexican food whenever I can. It’s never the same as it is back home, but if I eat enough of it, it’s usually enough to hold me over till I hit the nearest MiCo.

Last night for dinner, I decided to make a quasi taquito-burrito baked wrap thingi. I’ve spent the past semester in Washington, DC, and have not tried any Mexican food since I’ve been here. I looked up a recipe for chicken taquitos a few months ago, and my final product looked like a baked chimichanga. Not exactly a taquito, but still delicious. More recently, my roommate (who loves Mexican food almost as much as I do) and I decided to try that baked chicken taquito wrap thing again. We grilled some chopped up vegetables, shredded some grilled chicken, and combined all that with sour cream, a generous helping of cheese, and some black pepper. Then rolled spoonfuls of this up in tortillas and brushed each with some olive oil, baking them until the tops were browned. They were so good that we made them for dinner the next day, too.

Going back to yesterday, I decided to make these yet again. But this time, I threw in some refried beans. I’d opened the beans to make nachos, which I promptly burned and set off the smoke alarm. But they still tasted delicious.

Taquito chimichanga things, served with a generous portion of black bean salsa.


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