Recipe: Toast with Mozzarella and Bell Peppers

I made this to go with the pasta meal below and variations of this toasted bread can be made with very basic ingredients. I cut up slices of light wheat bread into three pieces per each slice (it’s a lot easier to cut bread when it’s frozen, rather than room temperature). Next, I chopped up a third of a green bell pepper into tiny pieces and arranged them on the bread. Having them below the mozzarella cheese, which I cut into small slivers and arranged over the peppers, prevented them from falling off the bread in the oven.

After topping each piece of bread off with a little oregano and a dab of olive oil. I baked them for about 5-7 minutes at about 350°. They came out slightly crispy, which was perfect to go with the pasta!




Any bread, preferably frozen to begin with, can be topped with any kind of cheese and veggie and baked to go well with a pasta dish or a soup. Anything that can be used to scoop up extra sauce or liquids is the ideal side dish.


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